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Off-Road Recovery

You may find that your right wheels have dropped off the edge of a nod onto the shoulder while you're driving.


An emergency like this; requires close attention and it quick decision. If you are holding the steering wheel at ”12 recommended 9 and 3 o’clock positions. you can turn it a full JED degrees very quickly withnut removing either hand. But you have tu- out fast. steer quickly. and

just as quickly straighten the wheel once you have lflhe level of the shoulder is only sligitiy below the avoided the object. pouentenL recovery should be fairly easy. Ease oil‘ the

. . _. . . accelerator and then. if there is nothing in the way. steer Ho The foot that “Lb Emergency situations are 311M135 that your vehicle straddles the edge of the pavemenL You

possible is a good masun to practice defensive driving or

fill times and wear ”Mew belts properly. can turn the steering wheel up to ore-quarter turn until the

right front tire contacts the puyenwnt edge. Then t'Ln'n your steering wheel to go straight down the roadway,


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