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To turn the system ul'l‘. press the TRACTIUN CONTROL button on the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel.

The traction eontrnl system warning light Iint-ill L'tJ-rnt: £111 and sing; on. Il‘lhi: system is limiting wheel spin when you press the button. the warning light will eume

on —- but the system won‘t [Um all” right away.

It will wait until there‘s no longer a current need In limit wheel spin.

You can turn the system heels on at any time by pressing the button again. The traction control system warning light shtiuld gn riff.

Braking in Emergencies

Willi Emil—lock. you can steer and brake at the same time. In many emergent'ies. steering elm help j‘i‘lu more than even the very bet-l braking.



Power Steering

ll'ytiu his: putt-er steering assist because the engine steps or the system is not functioning. you can steer but it will take I'llllL‘l'l. more cffurL

Magnasteer "' ill" Equipped]

‘i’eur vehicle may be equipped with GM Mngnasteer‘". a steering system that continuously ndjusrs the elt‘ert you feel when steering at all Vehiclc speeds. It provides ease when parking. yet :1 firm. solid feel at highway speeds. ‘r'eur steering can be adju5terl fer an easier or more firm selling. See your dealer for information.

Steering Tips

Driving on Curves it‘s important IL! in ice curves at :1 regist1nnh1e speed.

A Inn of the “driver lost control" accidents mentioned on line news happen on curves. Here's why:

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