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It‘s die amount of alcohol that counts. For example. if the same person drank three double martinis {3 ounces or 9!] ml of liquor each: within an hour. the person‘s BAC would be close to 0.12 percent. A person who consumes food just before or during drinking will have a somewhat lower BAC level.

There is a gender difference. too. Women generally have a IGWer relative percentage of body water than men.


Since alcohol is carried in hold}[ water, this means that a woman generally will reach a higher BAC level than a man of her some body weight when each has the same number of drinks.

The law in many L15. states sets the legal limit at a EAC of 0.10 percent. In a growing number of US. suites. and throughout Canada. the limit is CLUB percent. in some ether countries. it‘s even lower. The BAC limit for all commercial drivers in the United States is [1.04 percent.

The BAG will he over 0.10 percent after three to Silt drinks (in one hour}. 01" course. as we‘ve seen. it depends on how much alcohol is in the drinks, and how quickly the person drinks them.

But the abilityt to drive is affected Well below a BAC of D. l t] percent. Research shows that the driving skills of many people are impaired at a BAC approaching.

Ellis percent. and that the effects are worse at night. All drivers are impaired at BAC levels shove E105 percent. Statistics show that the chance of being in a collision increases sharply for drivers who have a BAC of

0.05 percent or above. A driver with a BAC level of Utili- percent has doubled his or her chance of having a collision. At a BM: level of llltl percent. the chance of this driver having a collision is 12 times greater: at a level of 0.15 percent. the chance is 25 times greater!

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