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Defensive Driving

The hest advice anvune can gist: ubnul driving is: Drive defensively.

Please ital'l with a very important sufcty device in your Buick: Buckle up. [See "Sut'utjv Belts" in the Indent-

Defensive driving really means "be ready for anything." Dn city streets. rurnl roads or Freeways. it means "nlvvuvs expect the unexpected."

Assume that pedestrians. or Other drivers are gluing tn he careless and mutt»: mistakes. Anticipate what they might du. Bu mainly for their mistakes.

Rear-end cullisrons are about the most preventable of ancidents. Yet they are enmmnn. Allnw enough t‘nlluwing distance, It's the best defensive driving maneuver. in both city and rural driving. than never know when the vehicle in from nt'ynu is gning to brake or turn suddenly.

Defensive driving requires that a driver concentrate nu the driving hush. Anything that distracts from the driving task -- surh as Concentrating an a cellular telephunu cull. reading, nr reaching for something Uh the Ilnnr —— rnukL's proper defensive driving more difficult and can even cause a collision. with resulting injury. Mi: 1: passenger in help do things like this, or pull

uff the mild in a ssh: place to Lin them ynurself.

These simple defensive dn'virtg techniques could save your life.

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