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@ Section 4 Your Driving and the Road

Hen: yuu'l] find information abuui driving on differem kinds of roads and in varying weather conditions. We've also

included man)- other useful tips on driving.

4-2 4-3 4-5 4-e 4-IU 4-I2 4— I3 4-I4 4-15

Defensive Driving Drunken Driving ConLroi of a Vehicle Braking


Off-Road Recovery Passing

Loss of Control Driving :1: Night

4-]? 4- 2n 4-2I 4- 22 4-23 4-23 4-25 4-29 4-3I

Driving in Rain and on We: Roads Cily Driving

Freeway Driving

Before Leaving on a Long Trip Highway Hypnosis

Hill and Mountain Roads

Winter Driving,

Loading Your Vehicle

Towing :1 Trailer

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