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3. Press AM—FM after yen have confirmed that the 4. Press HRS tn make the first one or two digits agree cede matches the secret code you have written down. with your crude.

The display will shew REP to let yuu kmw that ycuu 5 need [0- repeat Steps 5 Through T to confirm your secret cede.

. Ft'tizih' AM-FM at’tm yeu have confirmed that the code matches the secret End: you have “mitten dtiwn. The diepiay will sltuw SEE“. indicating the radio is

9. Press AM-FM and this time the display will show new operable and secure.

SEC to let you know that yuur radte- '5 ”Ecure' Il' gnu enter the wrung cude eight tunes. LNCIP will

Unlocking the Theft-Deterrent Feature arm a "PM" ‘4‘" the di-‘P‘HF- W“ W“ hm ‘“ W1 3" ”W with the ignitiun on before you can try again. When

Power Lass . .

1 yuu try ugum, yuu W1“ only have daree more chances Enter yum- secret code as inflows: pause no more than {ejght tries Per chance: In enter the: gun-em mac before 15 seconds between steps: may nppgmg, 1- LDC “PIER“ when the ignition is 931- ll'y'tttl lose ttr thrget your CtldE. etintaet ytiur denier.


Press MIN and 000 will appear on the display.


Press MIN again to make the [net two digits: agree with ynur cede.


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