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AM-FM Stereo with Cassette Tape and Compact Disc Player with Automatic Tune Conn-til (If Eq nipped)

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Playing the Radio

VOLUME: Presfi [his it'l'itih tn turn the SFSIL'H'I tin and ui‘t‘. Tu increase volume, turn me knob to The right. Turn it it: the let! it} decrease Volume.

RECALL: Pit-5'5 this button briefly to recall the nation being played or to display the eluelt. To change what is nan-null); ehnwn en the display {station or time]. pretax [he RECALL hunnn unlil you see the display you want. then held the RECALL huttnn until the display flashes. li' yuu press the buttnn when the ignition is efl'.tl1e clock will .‘u'l'lfl-W for ii lbw .tieen‘irILL-L

Finding a Station

Mil-FM: Press. this button to switch heiwecn AM. I‘MI and FMZ. The display shews your selection.

TUNE: Press. the up t'ir t‘lnwn :irrtiw m elitiune radio stations.

SEEK: Press the up er dawn arrow to gnu It: the next higher nr Inn-er stuliun and sLilfi' there. The snuiitl will mute while seeking.

SCAN: Pres-s one hi the SEEK anews for two seconds; and SCAN will appear tin the display. L'ee SCAN to Iifilen tn stutinns. liar a few eeetindh. Tin: hidin will go to it human. limp i'nr it few nee-nude. then gu tin tn the next ntutinn. Press. nne ur'the SEEK. arrows again in itep scanning. The htlLJnlJ will mute while scanning.


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