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Safety Bel ": They‘re for Everyone

This pan of the manual tells you how to use safety belts pruperly Et ulsu tells yuu Hume things yuu hJ'IULJILl not Lit] with safety belts.

And it explains the Supplemental Restraint System iSRS }. u-r air bag system.

Don't let anyone ride where he or she can‘t rseer a safety belt properly. If you are in a crash and you're not wearing a safety belt, your injuries

can be much worse. You can hit things inside the vehicle ur be ejected frnrn iL You can he serinusly injured or killed. In the some crash. you might not be if you are buckled up. Always fasten your safely hell, and cheek that your pussengers‘ hells are fastened properly too.

it is extremely de ngerous to ride in a serge meat inside or outside of ii vehicle. in e eollisiom people riding in these nrens are more likely to he

seriouslyr injured or killed. Du not allow people to ride in tiny urea nt’ your vehicle that is not equipped with seats and safety belts. Be sure everyone in your vehicle is in a seat and usingn saiety belt properly.


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