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AMI-FM: Press this button to plug»: the radio when Ll. tape

is in the player.

SOURCE: Press, Ll'lih button to change to the tape function when the radio 15 ml. TAPE PLAY with on arrow will appear on the display when the tape i:- active.

PIJECT: Press this button to remove Ihe tape. The radio will play.

CLN: If this mes-sage appears on the utopia; the eaxetette tape player needs to be cleaned. 11 wiil HL'LH play tapes. but you should clean it as soon as portable to prevent damage It! Lhc tapes. and phiyer. See “Can: of Your Cassette Tape Player" in the Index. After you clean the: player. prexh um]. huld EJECT for Fun: mun-111.15 Ln- reset the CLN indieau'rr. The radio wilt tfitptuy --— to show the indicator wee. reset.

AM-FM Stereo with Compact Disc Player and Automatic Tone Control {If Equipped]

EEEI. rfi'n -n—

6.11. um”;

L I .....

f1“ ”mi. “I;

Tennis m FII '_ _ru;J'1 _

Playing the Radio

VOLUME: Fret-.5 [hit-i knob In turn the system cm and off. To inereaee volume. turn the knot: to the right. Turn il 10 the lefl to decrease the volume.


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