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Your tape bias is set automatically.

if E and a number appear on the radio display. the tape won‘t play because of an error.

0 Eli}: The tape is light and the player can't turn the tape hubs. Remove the tape. Hold the tape with the open end down and try to turn the right hub to the left: with a pencil. Turn the tape over anti repeat. If the hubs tin not turn eaaily. your tape may be damaged and should not be used in the player. Try a new tape to make sure your player is wttrlvting properly.

0 E11: The tape is broken. Try a new tape.

If any error occurs rcpeatedly or if an error can't be corrected. pleat-it! contact your dealer. If your radio displays an en'or number. write it down and provide it to your dealer when reporting the problem.

PREV [1 i: Press this button to search for the previous selection on the tape. Yoar tape must have at [can 1hrec seconds of silence between each selection for PREV to work. The around will mule while necking.


NEXT [2]: Fret-ts [hit-i button in near-2h for the next selection on the tape. Your tape must have at least three seconds. of ailence between each selection for NEXT to work. The aound will mute while seeking.

Tlte SEEK up and down arrow; will also find the pret-‘itaua und neat Heiectiona on the tape.

146}: Posts this button to reverse the tape rapidly. Press it again to return to playing speed. The radio will play while the tape revert-res.

it} {4}: Press this button to advance quickly to another pan of the tape. Press the button again to return to playing speed. The radio will play while the tape advances.

SIDE [5]: Pmfi‘i this button to change the aide of die tape that lh playing.

DU {61: Press this button to reduce background noise. The double-D aytnbol will appear on the display.

Dolby Noit-tc Reduction is. manufactured under a license from Dolby Laboratories. Licenaing Corporation. Dolby and the double—D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Lahorutttt-iea Licensing Corporation.

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