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SIDE [5}: Free: thix button to change the side of the tape that :5 playing.

DU t6]: Prev; Ihis button to reduce buckgmuttd noise. The dihplay 1will nllUW either OFF or UN litr :1 lim- .Hflcfl'l'ld"; when you Ill'L'h'h the button.

Dolby Noise Reduction i.~i manufactured untler u lieenhe from Dflll'l}' Luhtll‘ultll’luh Licensing Corporation. Dolby and the double-D symbol are tratlcmarlah' ul' Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

EJECT: Press; this: button to retttt‘tt't: the tape. The rtttlitt will pltty.

CLN: H ".135 “1653?ch uppeurb on the tlihplity. the umselte tape player needh to be Cleaned. It will Ml" ploy lapth', but you should clean it as soon as pnwihle It: pievent damage tn the tap-es. and player. See "Care of Your Cassette Tape Player" in the index. After you clean the player. press; and hold EJE-‘CT for li w: Recomb- to reset tltt.‘ CLl'N' indicator. The radio “'lll display --— to show the indicator was meet.

AM-FM Stereo 1with Cassette Tape Player and Automatic Tone Control {If Equipped]

Playing the Radio

VOLUME: Fret-H ll'lih knob to turn the hyhtfm mt and off. To increase volume. turn the knob. to thl: right. Turn it to the left to decrease. the volume.


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