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Sitting in a reclined p-Iuiliun when yuth' vehicle IS in motion can be dangerous. Even if you buckle up, your safety belts can‘t do their job when you’re reclined like this.

The sllnulder helt can't do in: job because it won‘t be against your body. Instead. it II-I'ilil be in

front of you. [n a erasll you could go into it. receiving neck or other injuries.

The lap hell can’t do its job eilher. ill a crash the

belt could go up over your abdomen. The hell [threes would he [he-rite1 not at yuur th’ll.‘ bones.

This could cause serious internal injuries.

Bul don't have n sezitbzick reclined if your vehicle Fur pmper prulectilln when the vehicle is in

“- moving. motion, have the seathael: upright. Then sit well hack in the seat and wear your safetyr helt pmperly.

[lead Restraints

Siide the head restl'ztinl up in dim-'11. so that the [up of the restraint is einsest to The Inn Ui'ymlr ears. This position reduces the chance of n neck injury in :3 crash.

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