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SCAN: Press one of the BER urrows for two seconds. and SCAN will appear on the display. lee SCAN to listen to stations for a few seconds. The radio will. go to :1 station. stop for a few seconds. then go on to the nest station. Press one of the SEEK arrows ugain to stop scanning. The sound will route while scanning.

FUSI-[BUTTDNSt The sis numbered pushbuttons let

you return to your favorite stations. You can ser up to Ill. slalions {six All-'1. silt Phil and six FMEJI. lost:

I. Turn the radio on. 2. Press the AMI—FM bullon to setecl the band. 3. Tune in the desired station.

4. Press and hold one of the sis numbered buttons. The sound will mute. When it returns. release the button. Whenever you press. litat numbered button. the station you set will return.

5. Repeat the steps for each pushbutton.

P SCAN: Press this button to listen to each of your preset stations for a few seconds. The radio will go to the first preset station. stop for a few seconds. then go on to the nest preset station. Press P SCAN agate to slop scanning. The radio will not stop at a preset station it the station is weak.

Setting the Tune

BASS: Press this knob lightly so it extends. Turn the itnob to increase or tteereuse bass.

TREE: Press this knnb tightly so it extends. Turn the knob to increase or decrease treble. If a station is weak or noisy. you rntty went to decrease the treble.

Push these knobs betel-t into their stored positions when you‘re not using them. Ml] ust'tng the Speakers

HAL: Turn The control behind the upper knob to more the sound to the left or right speakers. The middle position balonees U11: sound between the speaker's.

FADE: Turn the control behind the lower knob to move the sound to the front or rear speakers. The middle position httlttnces the sound between the speakers.


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