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Setting the Cinek

Press. and hold HRS until the enrreet hour appears. Press iind held MIN until the correct minute appears.

You tun}; set the L'IU‘L'IE with the ignilitin niT if ynu

pt'ESH REC ALL first and fellow the same procedure dChCI'ilfl'EL'l. ahut-‘e.

AM-FM Stereo

Playing the Radio

VOLUME: This knob nuns the 55'RTEJ1] on and DH and eentmls the t-‘tiluine. Ti) increase 'I’EJllJill'tLi and turn the Tudin tin. turn the knob tn the right. Turn it In the left tu- tieerense whim-e.

RECALL: Free“; the upper knnh briefly tn reeell the statinn being played or It) display the clock. To change what :5 ttttt'tltflll): shun-n en the dihplay [stutjun er tirnei. press the hntrh until you nee the display you want. then hold the knob until the display flashes'. ”you press the knnb when the Ignition n; eff. the elect»; will Show for a few xeeends.

Finding a Station

Ail-FM: Press-t Lhe Aid-17M huLLtJ-n tu- switeh between AM, FMJ and. FM}. The tiixpln} Shfl‘NH your selectinn.

TUNE: Turn the lower l-mnh In ehuaxe India Stalin-n 5;.

SEEK: Frees the right fit left arrow to gr: to the next higher or inner utatiun and nag» there. The sound will mute while beeking.

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