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Passenger Control tHEquipped] Steering 1Wheel Controls for Climate

[I' you have The Dual Control {HEqulppedj

Automatic C‘oml'ortemp system. the front seat passenger eau etintrol The air temperature in their hit: aling area.

il'yuut' t'ehlele has this feature. you can control the temperature [it nelitin by using the button on your steering wheel. Free}; the TEMP up anon to increase the temperature and die TEMP down arrow to deeream: Lhe temperature.

The temperature can he set up to 5°I" t—lS'LCl Cooler or warmer than the [trim-tar).I setting. To activate the passenger eontrol, ethiply pres}; the COOL or WAR M

buttons located on the panaeitger“: door. Audit} Systems The indieattir lights above the eontro] will ohow the Your Deleu Elcctnmicfi audit.- system has been designed difference from the main temperature Setting. to operate easily and give years ot‘tjateniog pleasure

You will get the most enjoyment out of it il'yu-u flequaint yourself with it first-t. Find out what your Deleo Electronics eyelet“ (“flit do and how to operate all its L'iJriLrtJls. [u be Hurt yuu're getting the roost out Elf the adt'aneed engineering that went into it.

Ifthe passenger control hat been Turned on. it can he turned off by pressing the OFF button onee. Pteauing the OFF button a hEEDI'lli time will turn off the main hyatem.


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