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Rear Window Defogger Do not attach a tampon-1r}- which: license. tape or decals ucrrih's th' defogger grid on the rear Window.


Do not try to clear frost or other material From

the inside of the rear window with a razor blade or anything else that is sharp. Thiii may damage the rear dci'oggt-r grid. The repairs wouldn‘t be covered by your warranty.

The lines you see: on thc rear window warm the glass. Press this billtuti it: start warming your window.

After LII} minuIL-H it will tuiTi ofi'hy itself. or meshing tit: button during the heating tti'cie wiii turn it ot‘i'. ll'yuu nerd additional warming lime. puali thi: bulttin again. The Hyfiicm Will than operate: Fur fii't: mirtutos before going off by itself.


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