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Ventilation Tips I Keep the httnd and front air inlet free til' icc. snow t'lT tiny other obstruction such as leaves. The heater and

deficit-let Iwill work better. reducing the chance til" fogging your window.

I Keep the air path under the front seats clear of objects. This helps air to circulate throughout your 1vehicle.

0 When the engine idles for a longtime. the exterior temperature sensor may cause the system to hlow air that is too cool. Once the vehicle is moving again. the system will try to maintain the set temperature inside your vehicle.

I When you start your 1i-chiclvt: and the EXT display flashes [Dual Automatic Comforteinp system onlyi For some time+ the system mu}- need repair. See your dealer.

Defogging and Defrostittg

It' you llfl‘i'l': the electronic touch system. adjust the TEM PERAT'URE lever toward. WARM and the FAN

lever toward HIGH.

It' you have die Dual Automatic Comfortemp system. use the FRONT button in dethg or del'mst the windshield. By choosing this button. the airflow will he directed at the windshield. Adjust your comfort level by pressing the TEMP up or clown arrow. The fan speed will be controlled by the system. You can change the fan Speed by pressing the top of the FAN hlttlnn to increase speed. and the bottom of the button to decrease speed.

To reduce the chance of fogging your window's in cold weather. using the electronic touch system. select HTR to supply air through the floor outlets. Then move the FAN lever in HIGH for u lbw moments before driving away. This will blow moist air from the intake nullels tuwtird lht.‘ floor. not the windshield. It you have the Dual Automatic Conit'oriemp system. the AUTO setting will do this fur you. Manual operation ot'thc automatic cornfitrtcmp system in the FLOUR mode wiil also supply.r air through the Hunt outlets.

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