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The yentiiati on system always allows fresh air to flow thmugh your vehicle when the yehicie is moving even with the system in the OFF mode.

VENT: The 1WENT button allows outside air to flow through your vehicle without the air conditioning compressor working. Selecting VENT and the AUTO buttt‘tn at the same time allows the system to control automatically without the use of the air conditioning compressor or the use of the RECIRC mode. To turn off the VENT selection. push the VENT button again.

RECIRC: When RECIRC is selected. due system will limit. the amuunt of ouLsido air on Lering your seine-Io. This is helpful when you are trying to cool the interior of the vehicle quickly or limit the amount ot' outside air entering your vehicle. RECIRC and AUTO may be selocunl at the same time. The system t.trill remain in RECIRC until the ignition is turned off. then the system will rottm't hack to the proviousiy selected mode. Deselecting the EECIRC button will also turn off the RECIRC function. RECLRC can be selected in all manual airflow modes eiteept FRONT defrost and VENT. '

FRONT: This selection is used to defrost the windshieid by directing the airflow toward the windshield.

li' FRONT is selected while in the AUTO mode.

the fan speed and die air temperature from the front defroster 1still vary. If a manual fan speed setting is selected. the Fan speed will remain at mat setcetinn until another Fan speed selection is made or the AUTO mode is selected. To turn off FRONT. press the AUTO or AIR FLOW button.

FRONT defrost will work better if any ice or snow is cleared from the hood and the air inlet area between the base of the windshield and the hood.

Air Conditioning On hot days. open the windows long enough to let hot inside air escape. This reduces the time it [altos t'or your

vehicie to cool down. Then l-teep your windows closed for the air conditioner to worit its best.

If you have the electronic touch sy stem. for ouictt eoul-dtJ-Wn can very htttdttyi-t. use MAX with the temperature and fan speed adjusted to COOL and HIGH. If this setting is used for long periods of time. the air in your vehicle may become too cold and dry.

For normal cooling on hot days. use NORM and adjufl the temperature and fan speed for your cotnfott. If RECIRC is selected while in the NORM air conditioning mode. the system works like MAX and recirculates the air.

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