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iner Seat [If Equipped] Retu- Cuntmi: Raisc the rear of the seat by pushing the switch on the ltft. Lowe: the rear nr'thc seat by pushing the switch on the right.

Reclining ant Seathacks

T111: puwct‘ seat controls are on the armrmt.

Fran: Cuutml: Raise uh: from of the seat by pushing th' left side of the switch. Push the right Hid: 01‘ the

“With 1“ ”we" “I" from or the 5'35"- Tu adjust flu: seatback. lift the lever on lht: Dulcr std»: of Center Control: [£1ng me seat forward or backward by lhl.‘ scat and mum: the, seatbnck to when: you want it. pushing Ihc L'unthI Cut the from or back. Raifie the Heat Release the lever [u Ilflck the Beatbitck. Pull_ Ltp (311 the by pushing the mun-010:1 the left. Lower the seat by IEW'T ““1 the 5'5"“ W111 E” 10 3-” “P"Eht WWW“-

pushing the L‘nntml £111 U1: right.

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