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Iflhe dtfiplfly it. flaming ttl'ter the elitttute L'Ltntml hyhlem it. started. there ix :1 p-rtthtem with the hymen-t amt} _'.-'1'r|J tthttulti see your dealer fer eert'iee.

Sun and temperature Hensnrs automatically adjust the air temperature. the ait'flnw direetmh and the fan speed tt't maintain your eentt'ett setting. The system may supply cooler ah' to me side of the vehicle tttwurd the amen. Be euretul nut 10 put anything ever the SBIIHEJIH tttt 1:111 M the duah.


Temperature Button

TU adjust the emnhm level you want maintained inside the vehicle. thxh the TEMP hutttttt. II' ytru want u wurnteretttttt'ttn level. push the red arrow. It'ynu wunl u ettttleretttnfnn level. pttsh1he hitte :Irmw. ‘t’nurcflmfnfl teltittg i-t rchnwn in the tliwpluy.

Fart Hutton

The Hptcd ul' the hlttwer hm is ettntnflleti uultmtutieally if gnu have the Hyatt-m set for AUTO. Pressing the FAN httllutt 'et'tll thrtphty um] httld the eurrent hhtwer fun setting.

If yuu went the hhtwer I'm: In run at u Inwer Hpeed. push the bottom nf the FAN hLJflIJI‘I. The fan speed will decrees: Iwith every purth ui‘lhe hutturt L1nt't[ the lowest hpe‘t‘tl it: teatehe-J. I1‘yett want tn increase the fan speed. ptltth the 1th ttl' the FAN hulttttt. Ntttiee the fun jndtettterh in [he difipluy.

Made Cunlrttltt

Press the AIR FLOW huttnn ED deliver air tht'eugh the flour. Itn'tJtEle ur windshield eutJets. The 11-35mm witl Htuy tn the hEICL'ICti It1U-Lh.‘ until the AUTO hutttttt ih- pushed. Free the tllt ttn'ttw tut the AIR FLOW butlnn ttt eyeie lhntttgh the tn-ttiluhIe tnudeh.

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