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Cnmfnrt Controls

This seciinn describes how in operate yuur climate cunlml nyicrn. Tnur climate L‘UTITTUI syclem "542$ nznne—i'rie mlly R-J 34a refri geram.

With these systems. gun can cuanl Lhe hculiug. cnnling and ir'cnliluLiun in yuur 1rehicle. lei' vehicle ulHu has El ilnw-ihrnugh vemilniinn Syhltll] described inter In

Ihia section.

Elecimnie Touch Climate Control

If ynur vehicle hm. ll‘llh climate mum‘s] nystem. :he I'ulluwing information tells 3cm: him it l'fiJl‘l'ih.


Fun Button

The FAN central is Used in .i-clccl ll'lL‘ speed ml the hlnwer inn and ilie him: of :iir ynu want. There are four speeds [iI cliunse I‘mm. Mt‘wing Lhi: lever hemetn LUW and HIGH will dL'L'rciLx'c or increase the fun weed. ‘H’ae i'un will he nil" Iwhen the. system is off

Temperatu re Lever

This lever alijuuix the Iempei'unire if the air coming ihrnugii [he nyulem. Mme the TEMPERATURE lever lu L'hungc [he Icnipemlun: :Jf'lhe ujr cumming through yuur nutlers. Move :he lei-e r between COOL and WARM tn luwcr or fillhl.‘ LhL' lempcrulurc.

Elude Controls

The hultulh mi yuur nyhtcm uiluw yuu Iu choose bellinfgfi [n deliver air lhl'Lrugh the luwcr. middle ur windxhicld nullcls.

RECIHII: Free; this human In limit the nmnunt nf nulxide :iir entering ynur vehicle. This is helpful when you are trying In can! the iniei‘inr nf Ihe vehicle quickly1 m" limil the :Lmnunt [if nuIHiule air euiei'ing y'nur n-‘ehicle. Tn tum nFl' RECERE‘. press ihe huitnn again. lI—ynu xelecl FRO-NT defrost n-r BLEND while RECIRC' is: Seleciutl. the xylem will uummziiicnlly mm nfi'REClRC In pi'cveni lagging.

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