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@ Section 3 Comfort Controls and Audio Systems

In this section. you'll find out how to operate the comfort eontrol and audio systems offered with your vehicle. Be sure to read about the particular systems supplied with your vehicle.

3-2 Comfort Controls 3- 1'." AM-FM Stereo with Cosselle Tape Player and 3—5 Air Conditioning Automatic Tone Control i If Equipped} 3-? Heating S—El AM—FM Stereo with Compact Disc Player and 3—8 Ventilation Syntem Automatic Tone Control {If Equipped} 3—9 Defogging and Defrosting 3-25 Mal-FM Stereo with Cassette Tape and 3- It] Rear Window Defogger Compact Dis-5e Player with Automatic Tone 3+! 1 Passenger Control i If Equipped] Control t if Equipped! S—I [ Steering Wheel Cnnlrulzi l'nr Ciirnule Cnnlml 3-3-0 Theft-Deterrent Feature

(if Equipped! 3-3-2 Audit) Steering Wheel Controls-i I'll Equipped] 3-1 [ Audio Syslfmh 3-33 Understanding Radio Reception 3-1! Setting the Clock 3-34 Can: of Your Cassette Tape Player 3-] 2 AM—FM Stereo 3-35 Care of Your Compaet Dixon 3-14 AM-FM Stereo with Cassette Tape Player 3-35 Care of Your Compact Disc Player

[ li‘ Equipped} 3-36 Heated Backlite Antenna

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