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Here are some Ilainga that some owners ask about. None Low Fuel Light tlf Equipped:

of these show a problem with your fuel gage: _ If your vehicle has the

gage cluston a light. near the fuel gage will turn on when you are low on fuel. You should get more fuel as soon as you can.

I At the service station. the gas pump shuts off before the gage reads FULL {F}.

I It takes a little more or loos fuel to fill up than the gage indicated. For example. the gage may have indicated the tank was half Full. but it actually took a little more or loss than half the tank's capacity to fill the tank.

' The gage moves a little when you turn a corner, speed up. or make a hard stop.

o 1112 gage doesn‘t go back to EMPTY {El when you turn off the ignition.


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