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Check on Level Light [It Equipped)

The CHECK. OIL LEVEL light turns on for three seconds as a hth- check

each time the ignition key is turned to RUN. If the light

dl‘JL‘SI‘liT turn tin, have your vehicle serviced.



lfthe engine oil is ntone than one quart tfl.95 Lt low and the engine has been shut off for at least eight minutes. the CHECK OIL LEVEL light will turn on for about one minute. and will then remain off until the next time you start [he vehicle.

If the CHECK EllL LEVEL light turns on, the engine oil nhtJ-uld be checked at lht: dipttilick t.l1cn brought up to the proper iEVEI ifnecenxery. See “Engine Oil" in the Index.


Change on Soon Light (It Equipped)

Thin light in activated by the Engine Oil Life Monitor System. The En ginI: Oil Life Monitor deten'nirten the condition of the engine oil ant] Icls yuu know when the oil should be changed. See “Engine IUlil" in the Index.



The Engine IDil Life Monitor receives information about engine Hpeed, ctHilnnt lempcrnlure and vehicle strand to determine how much the oil has degraded.

When to change your oii depends on your driving habits and conditions. The CHANGE IOIL SOON light may turn on at. early as Lil-Ill] miles {3 2i 8 km] or less for harsh circumstances.

The CHANGE DIL SOON light in lit t'or three seconds on u. hulh chccit each time the ignition key is turned to RUN. It w ill ntny on for fit} seconds once 90 percent ot‘ the Oil life has heen used and each time the engine is marred after that. If the CHA NGE DlI. SOON light is on continuously. there in ii problem with the lDill Life Monitor System and net-vice is required.

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