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Seats and Seat Contreis

This section tells ynu 3mm the seats -- him to adjust them -- and Elli-i.) ttlJuth reclining neuthnukfi and head I'L' straintfi.

Manual Frunt Seat

You can lose control 01‘ the vehicle if yen try to adj est a manual driver‘s seat while the vehicle is

moving. The sudden mnve mcnt could startle and annfuse you. or make you push n pedal when 5m] don‘t want to. Adjust the driver‘s seat nnly when the vehicle is nnl moving.

Pull up [in tin: ctmlrui hur under the front UI' U'n: seat to unlock. it. Slide the seal to where you want it. then release the hair and try In mm-‘e the spent with your hm'lgr' 1:1n1flke.xurethe tent is locked inln place.

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