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Engine Coolant Temperature Gage (If Equipped]

If your vehicle is equipped with the gage cluster. you have a gage that shows the engine coolant temperature. If the gage pointer moves into the nod area. your engine is too hot!

That reading means the sante thing as the warning light. It means that your engine coolant has overheated. If you have been operating your vehicle under normal driving conditions. you should poll an the road. stop your vehicle and turn off the engine as soon as possible.

The engine coolant temperature gage indicates the coolant temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. The Canadian insthrnent panels indicate the coolant temperature in degrees Celsius.

1n the section "Problems on the Road.“ this manual

explains what to do. See "Engine Overheating” in the index.


Malfunction Indicator Lamp {Check Engine Light]

"t’our vehicle is equipped

with a computer which CHECK

monitors operation of the fuel. ignition and emission control systems.

This system is called OED lI [On-Board Diagnostics-Second Generation] and is intended to assure that emissions are at acceptable levels for the life of the vehicle. helping to produce a clean er environment. The CHECK ENGINE light comes onto indicate that literc is a problem and service is required, Malfunctions often will be indicated by the system before any problem is apparent. This may prevent more serious damage to your vehicle. This s ystetn is also designed to assist your service technician in correctly diagnosing any malfunction.

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