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Traction Control System ‘Warnjng Light tflptionl

This warning light should come on briefly as you start the engine. it” the warning light doesn't come on then. have it fitted so it will be ready to wen-i you ifthere's n pmblern.


If it stays on. or comes on when you’re driving. then: may he a problem with your trection control system and your vehicle may need service. When this warning light is on. the system will not limit wheel spin. Adj ust your driving accordingly.

The traction control system warning light may come on for the Following reasons:

I If you turn the system off by preHSing the button located to the left of the steering column. the warning light will come on and stay on. To turn the system hack on. press the button again. “The wanting light should go flfi‘. [SEE "Traction Control System" in the index for mote information}

I If there's at brake syntem problem that is specifically relnted to traction control. the tmcticm control system

will turn oil'nntl the wearing light will come on. If your brakes begin to overheat. me traction control system will turn oil and the warning light will come on until your brakes cool clown.

I If the traction control system is effected by an engine-related problem. the system will turn off and the weming light will come on.

If the traction control system wanting lifJ‘tT. comes on and xtnys on for an extended period of time when the syntem is turned on. your vehicle needs service.

Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light




This light will tell you that your engine coolant has overheated or your radiator cooling fans are not working.

If you have been operating your vehicle under normal driving conditions. you should pull off the Iozid1 stop your vehicle and turn the engine off as soon as possible.

In the section “Problems on the Road.“ this manual explains what to do. See "Engine Overheating" in the Index.


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