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If the light and ehirne come on white you ate driving. pull off the road and slop carefully. You may notice that the pedal is harder to push. Or. the pedal may go closer in the floor. It may take longer to stop. If the light is still on. have the vehicle towed for service. {See ”Towing Your Vehicle” in the lndem

Your brake system may not he working properly If the brake system warning light is on. Driving

with the brake system warning light on can lead to an accident. [I' the light is still on after you've pulled off the road and slop ped carefully} have the reltiele towed [or ser't'lee.

When the ignition is on. the brake system warning light will also some on when you set your parking brake. The light will stay on 11' your parking brake doesn‘t release fully. ll. you tr},r it: drive off with the parking brake REL. a chime will also come on until you release the parking brake. Ifthe light and chime stay on after your parking brake is fully released. it means you hose a brake problem.


Anti-Lock Brake System Warning Light


If the light stays nn. turn the ignitinn to OFF. Dr. ilhlhr: light comes on when you‘re driving. stop as soon as possible and turn the ignition tiff. Then start the engine again to reset the system. lithe tight still stays on. or comes on again while you‘re driving. your vehicle needs service. if the regular brake system warning light isn‘t on. you still have brakes. but you don‘t have anti-look brakes. II" the regular brake system warning light is also on. you don‘t have anti—lock brakes and [here's a problem with your regular brakes. See “Brake System Warning Light" earlier in this section.

With the anti-lock brake system. the lightts} will come on when you start your engine and may stay on for several seconds. That's normal.

The anti-incl: hra he system warning light should come on briefly when you turn the ignition key to RUN. [f the light doesn't come on then. have it fised so it will be ready to want you if there is a prohient.

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