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IVoltage Gage (If Equipped]

If your vehicle is equipped with the gage cluster. this

gage shows voltage in the

electrical system.

The normal range is 1] to l5 volts. If the gage reading stays in either red range. or the battery warning light turns on. have your dealer cheek The elem-iced system.

Brake System Warning Light

Your vehicle's hydraulic brake system is divided into two parts. if one part isn't working. the other port can still work and stop you. For good braking. though. you need both pens working well.

If the wanting light comes on. there is a brake problem. Have your brake Hystern inspected right away.

BRAKE (6)) (®)

BRAKE Gage Cluster

Standard Cluster

One of these lights should come on when you tum the key to START. If it doesn‘t come on then. have it fixed so it will be ready to warn you if there‘s a problem.


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