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Wanting Lights, Gages and Indicators

This part describes the warning lights and gages; that may be on your vehicle. The pit-titres will help you locate them.

Wanting lights and gages can signal that something is wron g before it bcoornes serious enough to cause an expensive repair or replacement. Paying attention to your warning lights and gages could also save you or others from injury.

Warning lights come on when Ihoro may be or is a problem with one of your vehicle‘s functions. As you will see in the details on the next few pages. some warning lights come on briefly when you start the engine just to let you know they're working. If you are Familiar with this section. you should not be alarmed when this happens.

Gages can indicate when then: may he or is a problem with one of your vehicle‘s functions. Often gages and naming lights work together to let you know when there‘s a problem with your vehicle.

When one of the warning lights comes on and stays on when you are driving1 or when one of the gages shows there may be a problem. checlt the section that tells you what to do about it. Please follow this manual's advice.

Waiting to do repairs can he NEH)" -- and even dangerous. So please get to know your warning lights and gages. They’re a big help.

Safety Belt Reminder Light

When the key is turned to RUN or STA. RT. a chime will come on for about eight seconds to remind people to fasten their safet}r belts.

The: safety belt light will also some on and stag.- on

FAST-EN for about ill) seconds. If the BELTS driver's belt is already

buckled. neither the chime nor the light will come on.


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