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@ Section 1 Seats and Restraint Systems

Here you‘ll find information about the seats in your Buick and how to use your safety belts properly. You can also learn about some things you should not do with air bogs and safety belts.

1-2 Seats and Seat Controls I—lfi Rear Seat PiLI-tiiengerrs 1-5 Safety Belts: They're for Everyone |-29 Rear Safety BElt Comfort Guides for Children 1-9 Here Are Questions Many People Auk About and Small Adults Safety Belts and die: Answers 1-32 Children 1-10 How to Wear Safety Beltn Properlyr I-Prfi Child Rewainu‘u 1- 1 ii Driver Position | -4'.7 Larger Children 1-]?r Safety Belt Use During Pregnancy [-50 Safety Belt Extender l- 1 8 Right Front Passenger Position l-Si] Checking Your Restraint System 1-18 Supplemental Restraint S]; stem {SR5} | -SD Replacing Restraint 53 stern Parts i-25 Center Pastenger Position After it Crash

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