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Ashtrays and Cigarette Lighter

The from center and rear aslitt'ay't; may he removed for cleaning. Hold the sides ut' the axl'ltrtiy and then pull the fiKl‘tlrti)’ up and t'iIJt.


Don't put papers m- other flammable ohjects into your ashtray-'5. Hot cigarettes or other smoking materials could ignite them. causing a damaging fire.

To use a lighter. push the center all the way in and let it go. W'l'len it lh ready. the center Will pup betel-l by the-If. Ftt11 out the entire unit to use it.

Don‘t hold :1 cigarette lighter in with your hand while it is heating. it you do. it: won't be able to back away from the heating element when it's.- neatly. That can make it overheat, damaging the lighter and the healing Ele merit.

Sun Visors Dual Sun Visors

Each stun ‘t’iHUF huh thi path. at: that both the Windxl‘ticld and door glass can be shaded at the warm: time. To use the dual HIJTI visors. flip the tin-st visor down and turn tun-uni the window. Then. flip the Heetintl visor dawn toward the wint'lshield.

Illuminated Visor 1Vanity Mirrors

[If Equippedl

When ytiu open the covet to either the pasfienger’fi ur driver‘s iris-cur vanil},r rn'trrtir. tht: liil'tlpi': IWill turn on. The hi'ightnesa of the lamp can he udjut-ttetl by sliding the switch up LII‘ tlt'lwt't.


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