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Center CmtseIe CupholderfCoinholder

The armrest between the front seats openx inln :1 thmge area. Tn open it, press the lever upward al the frent edge til' the lll‘lTITEHT.

inside. a eupheider flips ferwarci and unlblds to hold twn cups. The cupholder is designed to break away should it receive exceexive pressure. [1" it breaks away. snap the edges hack into place.

There is also a removable eeinhelder. cassette tape and compact disc storage area.

Convenience Net [If Equipped)

Ynur vehicle may have a convenience net. “111'" see it

just inside the back wall of the trunk.

FIJI small lauds, like gummy haga, behind the net. It can help keep the nl item. falling over during sharp tums or quick stare; and steps. For heavier leads. stun: them in IJ'u: trunk as far forward as you can.

Ytiu can unhtmk the net 5t} lital it will lie flat when we‘re. l'lfll using it.

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