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Cempasa Calibration

if the letter “( \‘henld ever appear in the L'umpaR}. window. the miner mag.- need calibration.

The inn-rm can be calibrated in one {if 1WD wui-H:

I Drive The vehicle in eiruiex at live niph Hi kmfhi er

Jess uniil ilie display reads .1 direction. tir

‘5 Drive Ihe vehicle em yuureveryduy niuiine. Manual Remote Conlrul Mirror

Tu adjust Ihe driver‘s Hide Dulsidt‘. mirl'ur. miul: the Lamb Iii-ruled im the driver's: LhIJUT. The righl HLILHiL‘iE mirrnr mum he udjuslerl Iiiiiiiuiilly.

The nun-aide reziri'iew Iiiirml' Should be adjusted etc: you can just see the side iii ytiur vehicle when you me 5ilting In .'J comfortable driving pflfiiLifln.

To adjust yeur peuhenger's side mirror. Si? in the driver‘s 5eat und have a passenger adjust the mirror for yuu.

Power Hen-trite Central Mirrurs {If Equipped}

il' ytinr vehicle has the outside power remote mirrerb. the eununi is lot: riled i.‘|-l'| the driver's deer.

Mew: the HWilUi’l in [he miridle iif Ihe centre] to chaise llie rigii'l UE IL-i't mimir. Push 1he urrnw controls in. The LlireL‘liun you. wunl it: move the mirror.

AijuhI Each mimir 5:1 yuu can rice the Ride Ufj'nui' vehicle and [he urea behind your vehicle.

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