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Mirror flperatioa

Thé right Hid: til the switch IDCJIEIJ al the bottom nf the Inimir turns The elertnthmic I'I1iTan nn and off. To

turn Lin Ihc autnmatic dimming I'caLunJ. press MIR ROR.

To turn ufl' automatic dimming. pram; MIRROR again. Thu: green indicator light will be illuminated when lllifi future is active.

Compass Operation

Firms [Etc COMPASS button once tn turn the compass cm {it off.

When the iguiu'un and the cnmpass feature ilrt' m1, Ihe comparih will shnw twn character but; fur appmximfltely two seconda. Al'lt'r lwu- seconds. the minnr rwill difiplay U'll: L-nrnpasfi heading.

If. after twn Huumck. the display dots nut shuw a cnmpasy handing l “N“ for N nrrh, for example i. there may he a strong magnetic field interfering with the compass. Such interfeiEnce may he camcd by a Inflgrttljr: ante nna mount. magnetic anlE: pad holder nr 3 Similar magnetic ilcrn.

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