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At night. when the glare is too high. the ITLlITU!‘ will gmduuiiy darken to reduce glare {this change may take a few seenndst. The mirror will return to its clear daytime state when the glare is reduced.

Mirror Operation

To turn an the automatic dimming feature. pl'EtiS AUTO. To turn 1th automatic dimming, press OFF. The green indicator light will be illuminated when [his Feature is active.

Time Delay

The atttom etie mirror has a time delay feature Iwhich pretrenLr. unnecessary switching from the nighl hack to the clay partition. This delay phat-ems rapid changing of the mirror as you drive under lights. and through traffic.

Cleaning the Photo-cells

Lite a cotton swab and glass cleaner ttt clean the photoeeiis when necessary.

Eleelrnehrnmje Deyi’Night Rearview Mirror with Compass {It Equipped}

'l'nut' vehicle ma}r have an eleelrurhromit‘ int-tide rean'iew mirror with a camper-ts.

When tret in the MIRROR position. this mirror automatically changes to reduce glare from headlampx behind you. A time delay feature prevents rapid changing from the day tonight positions while driving under lights and through traffic.

The min-or also includes»; an eight-point compass display in the upper right corner of the mirror face. When on. the compass auternttltieadi)r calibrates as the Vehicle i5 dri't'en.

When cleaning the mirror. use. at paper Inwei or similar material dampened with giants cleaner. Do not spray gins-ts eleanerdireetly en the mirror :15 that may cause the liquid eieaner to enter the rrlimnr httus-ing. Line a cotton swab and glass ele aner Ln clean the photo-Dells when necessary.


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