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DayJNighl Manual Rean'iuw Mirror With Integral Reading Lamps

Whfln you arc aiming in u :1 rlnl'nrmhle drixing puminn, adjLIsl lht: mirmr 5:1: you can nee clearly behind your vehicle. The IL'ly-TnightadjIJ.~;t:II'IL-r:1.'|lin\w~:~ junu [n :idilISI the mirror 1:: uvuid glare {mm the: headlamp-1 hehiml you.


The: imcgml wading luron. urc IurneLI ml or off by [JIL‘HSing the toggle riwllcll ul [11La bnlmm ”1' [he mtrrnr, Thus: lumps. art: film pun nf 1h? cnunesy lamps.

dew: rihml earlier in Illis bfll‘tiinn.

Electruuhmmic Danyight Rearview Mirrur [If Equipped}

Ynur which mu}- hnve an zmlunmhc tlrtlmthmmic duye’night rear-view mirruu

When lhih feulLlrc 1'5. turned nn. the l1'hjl'l'KJ1' automatically change}; to reduce gtal'i' frflm headlamps behind you. A phulcrccll an Ihe mirmr eenses when it I5 becoming Llurk nulnidc. Anmher |1|1ntnce11 tmilr hm: The mirror fave. hcnxuh when hie-.ur'llumph am: hehtnd you.

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