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Rear Reading Lamps {If Equipped)

The lamp. switch and a coat hanger are above each rettr door. Slide the switch In turn the lamp on or niT.

Matteo],r RundDWII Protection

Thlfi feature automatically turns off the interior in mp5, it any are left on for more then 11'] minutes when the. ignition is off or :1 door is left open. This Iwill keep your battery From running duwo.

This feature also shuts off the exterior lamps if they are left on for more than illI minutes when lhe ignition is OFF. You may override this feature for the exterior lumps by turning the lamps off and then back on after the ignition is turnetl to OFF. ll'you do this, the exterior lamps will stay on until you manually turn them off.

If the feature is enabled for Ihe interior and exterior lumps. all lamps should turn ofi' at approximately the tame lime.


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