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Twilight Sentinel

'l'wilight sentinel tnms your Imnps on and tiff by senxjng how dark it is outside.

I w I|_|l'.i-H 1 5f n 1 In t L r-_.I..1:r::_

with! .

To operate it. leave the [map switch n1't'.

Il‘ynu mum: the L'n-ntrnl all the way tu MAX. ynur headlumrn; will remain on for three minuten after ynu turn off ynur engine. As you more the enntml tun-urn MIN. the headlamps. will turn off mare quickly when gnu turn nfl‘yuur engine. ”(nu can change this delay lime Frnt'n only a I'cw mnndh‘ tn three minutes.

The eat: riur lamps can he ennrnplentelglr shut ml" while the vehicle is in PARK [Pl h}; sliding the twilight xentinel euntml all the way Inward MIN. and release. Tn turn the exterinr lamp’t heel: nu, glide the enntml all the way tnwurd MIN again. and releaxe: nr. uhil't taut ul' PARK tPl.


Light Sensor

Your twilight sentinel and DBL wni'k Iwith the light

. sensor on In]: of The instrument panel. Don‘t cover it up. If you do. the sensur will read "dark“ and the headlamps. will turn on.

Interim Lamps Instrument Panel Intensityfflrighmfi Control

The instrument panel intensity can be adjusted by mm'ing this lever between L0 and HI. The instrument panel lights will be en

nnly when the headlamps are on. The interior munesy 1211an can he turned on by .~.'| idlng. the lever all the

may to the right.

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