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Lamps 0n Reminder

If you leave the manual headlamp or parking lamp switch on. remove the key from the ignition and open the driver‘s door. you will hear a continuous warning chime. The chime will turn on" when the lampe are turned off.

Daytime Running Lamps

Daytime Running Lamps {DEL} can make it easier for others. to see the front of your vehicle during the tiny. DRL can be helpful in many different driving conditions, but they can be especially helpful in the short periods after dawn and before sunset.

A light sensor on top of the instrument panel monitors the exterior light level for the operation of URL and twilighl sentinel. so be sure it isn‘t covered.

The DRL syetem will make your highrhearn headlamps turn on Ell reduced brightness in daylight when:

O The ignition is on. I The headlamp switch is mi and I The transnxle is not in PARK. (Pl.

When the DRL are on. onlyr your high-beam headlamps will he on. The parking lumpx. taillamps. sidemnrker and other lumps 1.nott't he on. Your instrument panel lights won't be on either.

when it is dark enough outside. your low -he:1m headlamps will come on. The other lamp-w lhui turn

on with your headlamps wiil aluo turn on. When it is. bright enough outen'tle. the regular lamps will go off. and your high —heum he adlumpa change to the reduced hrightnee-u of DRL.

To turn off all exterior lighting at night when you are parked. Iurn off the heutllurnpit um] move the [wilighl sentinel control all the way town rd MIN. The exterior lumps will lLLI'll hack on automatically when you moire ll'le manner-tie out of PARK {P}.

A5 will'l any vehicle, you should Lurn on the regular headlamp sybtern when you need iI.

Cornering Lamps {If Equipp-Edi

'l'he cornering lamps are designed to turn on when you signal a turn. This will provide more lighting when cornering all night.


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