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Using Cruise Central nn Hills

How well your cruise enntnil will mark on hills depends upon jr'titlt' speed. lead and the Strepnesm ul' the hills. When going up steep hilly. yeti may have tn step t‘JI'I the accelerator pedal tn maintain your speed. When gttlng dtiwnhill. you may have [u hrtllte DI' shift In it Inn-er gear It”: keep yeur anL'Li dtlwn. Applying the brake ut itliiitittg inttt u Itiwer gear will take you out UI‘LTIJ'hL‘ euntrtil. ll' jr'iitl need to apply the brake tir shil't tn :1 luwet gE'dT hlllf [U the grade til the dtiwnhiil HItipe, gnu may nttt Will“ ICI attempt in the ytntr entirae centre] feature.

Ending Cruise (Tun tnll

There are twtt ways In turn off the L'IlJiht.‘ et‘mtrtil: 0 Step lightly on The [mike pedal; in

Q Mm-‘e the creme switch in Ul-‘F.

Erasing Spit-ed Memnry

1When ynu turn oft" the entise etiitti'nl er the ignition. ynur eruise control net 5peed ttientery is erased.


Exterior Lamps


There: Ht'r'ilfi'l'ltlfl etintml these eyelems:

O Hf'fldlilmph Tail lumps

Parking Lem ps-



0 License Lamps

0 Sitlemui'lter Lump}. .

Enhtrurnent Punel Lights

Free the LIGHTS switch it't turn on the headlamp). Pres; it again in turn them nit. When the headtumpt :Jt'e ittl'netl IIIII. the Ittfiirmnent punel lights wil] aim turn 011. The lit'iglltttehtx' til' the instrument panel lights can he utljttstft] with the PANEL LIGHTS switch to the left [if the sleet—mg etilumit. Sit-me lifllllfi Will I10! dim during: daylight htlurH.

Fresh tl'IL‘ PARK h'WiIEI'l ttt turl‘t nn 1h? ['Iurkiug Inmph. Prenk it ttguin tn turn them til'f. III the parking lamps were turned tin with 111: PARK switch. the}; must he tut-tied ui'l' with thttt twitch].

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