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l‘t‘rt' steady wiping at low speed. turn the huntl away from gnu tn the LG position. For high-speed wiping. turn the band fu rrhe r. In Hi. Tn xlnp the wipers. move lhe hand In OH".

The wiper speed may he 'ifll MT 31 lung nr Hhtit‘l delay between wipe-s. This can be tier}? useful in light rain t'tl mew. Turn the be ml to cheese The delay time. The ClLH-iL'r tn L0. the shurter 'Ll'tt': delay.

In freezing weather. den‘l use yttur washer until

the windshield is warmed. Otherwise the washer fluid can l'ttrm ice on the windshield. hluelting yuur vision.

Heavy snow in" ice cttn twerlttttd ytmr wiper tllutm'. A circuit breaker will stop the mnlnr unlil it cutttls. Cl'lliSE Cfll'lll'fll

Clear uwa}; snnw nr tee tu prevent an overload. Wt1lt t'rtttse ennlml. ynu can

n'tuinluirt a speed {fl- flhtlul 25 mph (4-!) kntt'hl Ui’ more

Keep in mind that damaged wiper blades "tuft.r prevent you from seeing well enough In drive safely. Tn uvnitl Eilflflflific “mil“ Ell?” jcfi‘fllld “til: TWJ“ Ll“? "HF"?r without keeping :v'nur that d a 35' dTflrE “uni; em. a“: . ‘1 La La Hume . ' .3" '-J.",—-‘ - ' ttrt lltt: accelerator. This can ' ' ' ' ' EFllflfi-l' 'h'li'lLfi . mug: 331 new Me" or n e lTI‘vEI'IH. _ ' --'r .--. retell!-r hell.“r en lung Inn’s.

Windshield Washer I“,

A: lhe tnp tii'lhe lurn signulfrnullil'unetittn lever. there's a paddle with the ward PUSH run it. To spray washer fluid tin the windshield. pllh'll the paddle fer Less than a seetind. The wipers will eleur Lhe window and either stnp or return In ynur preset speed. For more washer cycles. push 3an hold the paddle.

Cruise L'tartlrul LlUCll- Jim thl'k all speeds helm-w tab-nut 35 mph fill} lirI'L-rl'll.

‘tl-r'ht'n you apply ytnttt l‘ll'llle‘N. lhtl' cruise L‘unlrnl shuls ttlT.


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