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AUTUMATIC OVERDRIVE {'33}: This position is THIRD [3]: This position is also used for normal

for normal driving. liven need more power for passing. driving. but it offers more power and lower fuel

and you‘re: economyr than AUTOMATIC DVERDRWE E'Jéi- J.

I Going less Limit 35 mph :55 knifhi. push your Here are some times you might choose THIRD {3} accelerator pedal about halfway down. instead or ALITCIM ATIC DVERDRIVE {LE3}:

I Going about 35 mph {55 kmi'hj or more, push the I When dn'ving on hills. winding roads.

accelerator pedal a" “1': way down. I When towing a trailer. so there is less shifting

You‘ll shift drawn to the next gear and have between gears. more power.


If your vehicle seems to start up rather slowly. or if it‘. seems not to shift gears as you go faster. something may be wrong with n trunsaxle system Sensor. If you drive very far that way. your vehicle can be damaged. So. if this happens. have your vehicle serviced right away. Until then. you can use SECOND [2] when you are driving less man 35 mph [55 kmflli and AUTOMATIC DVERD RIVE [fix-j for higher speeds.

0 When going down :1 steep hill.

I When driving in non—highway scenarios {i.e. city streets. eta].


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