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To Use the Engine Coolant Heater

1 .



Turn hit the engine.

. Open the hood and unwrap the electrieu] eurd. The

ettrd is»; ulluche-IJ tn: the underside of the diagonal ht'uee letettletl hehind the air eleaner.

Plug it true u nermul. grounded I [fl—t'olt M3 outlet.

Plugging the eurd into an uugmunded outlet could enuse Ill]. electrical shock. Also, the wrong kind of extension eerd could overheat and cause

a fire. Yet! eeuld be He rieuetlgtI injured. Plug the curd into a pmperly grounded three-prong

llfl-velt AC outlet. If the curd won‘t reach. use a heavy-duty three-prong extensien eerd rated for

at least 15 amps.

4. Before getting the engine. he Hut'i! tn unplug and store the cord as it was before ttt keep it away from moving engine parts. [time don't. it etsuld ht: dutttuged.

How long shtttfltl tutu keep Il'te ettnlttnt heute'r plugged in‘.’ The answer depends: en the outside temperature. the kind of oil yntt have. and tittrne ”Liter thingh. Instead of trying to list everything here. we ask that truth L'ttnmet yuur dealer in the aree where you‘ll be part-ting your 1t'-.=.I'1ieiue. The (leader can give yttu the best advice For that partteutar are u.


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