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1. 1f yuur L‘ngim: wnn'l xian fur mm: but Ihen slnphr. il uuuld he fimded wilJI Loo much gasoline. Try pushing ynurucceieratnr pedal :IH the way In 1h: fluor and hnlding JI thcre us you huld Lhc kcy in S'I'ART far up Lu I5 sumndx. Thix L‘IEBTH Ihe exln: gumlinu I'J'un'l lhr: engine.

Your engine is designed to work with the eluctmnirs in ynur vehicle. If ynu add elem-ital parls m‘ urtemiufies. you could change the way the engine operates. Berlin.- uddlng tleclrical equipment. chuck with your dealer. If you dun‘l. your Engine mighi nn'l perfurm pruperly.

If J'Dll never have [a hat we your vehicle Iuwed. see the part uf this manual that leils how In (In it without damaging your vehicle. Sel- “Ttlwing Thur Vehicle" in the Index.


Engine Coolant Heater (If Equipped)

1n Vury cult] weulhur, iJ"F {- IH‘TIJ nrctildcr. Ihe engine cu-ulunl hunter can help. Ynu'll gm cusier Hurting unLi hatter I'uul cunnnmy during engine warm-up. [Run-ll}: the Ennlam |1culcr thuld he plugged in a minimum of him hour: prim' 1:: Hurling }'L)I|I' \-'::Ji'rclc':.

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