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Seats and Seat Controls

This amnion hills you how in ndjLIsl the 5:3an and explains the reclining seathacks and head i‘ENIl‘iliiilfi.

Manual Front Seat

You can lose control of the vehieie il‘ you leg.r tn adiust a manual driver’s seat while lthe vehicle is

moving. The sudden movement could startle and

mni‘use you. or make you push a pedal when you don‘t want to. Adjust the driver's seat only when

the vehicle is not moving.

2-Way Manual Seat

Lift the hfll' under the front of the neat using an upward motion. This 1Mill unlock the seat. Slide Ihe 5432“ to where you want it and release ”14.: hot. 'I'ry LU mot-e [he sent with your body to he sure the Seat is locked into place.

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