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Matching Transmittertsl Tn Year Vehicle

Each remnte keyles-s entry transmitter is ceded to

prevent another transmitter I'mm unlucking yunr vehicle.

We transmitter is lest er stolen. a replacement can he purchased through ynur dealer. Remember tn bring any remaining transmitters with you when you go to your dealer. When the dealer matches Tilt replacement transmitter in ynur vehicle. an}.r remaining transmitted. must €1.th he matched. l[Illnce yourdcnlcr has ended the new transmitter. the lust transmitter will not unlock ynur vehicle. Each vehicle can have unljl.I thur transmitters? matched IE! it.

Batter}.r Replacement

Under normal use. the hatter}r in year remnte kcylexs entry Lransmitter shuuld last about three years.

You can tell the halter}; is weal-t it the transmitter won‘t werlt at the annual range in any lneatiun. 11' you have [u get close to ynur vehicle be [are the transmitter wnrks. it's pmbably 11'nie to change the battery.


When replacing the battery, use care not In much any 01' the circuitry. Static I‘rnm year hotly transferred In these surfaces may damage the transmitter.


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