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The operating mode of the Security Feedback unlock feature will he changed when you perform the following sequence with your vehicle’s deem closed and the ignition key in RUN:

l. Press and hold the power door unlock switch. White holding the door unlock switch. pres.» and release the RKE transmitter unlock button. This. 1will initializa the customization mode.


1it"‘ltile in the customization mode. die feature will sound the number of chimes corresponding to the current unlock mode.

Each additional press of the RKE transmitter unlock huttclrt I«trill cause your 1vehicle to adv once the unlock mode by one, alertingI from die current unlock mode. If cycle-d beyond unlock Mode 4. the vehicle will enter unlock Mode I. During this procedure. the feature will 50qu the numb-er of chimes corresponding to the current unlock mode. providing you with feedback. When the door unlock switch is released. thI: vehicle will remain in the moat recent unlock mode.

Disconnection the vehicle‘s battery for up to a year will not change the programmed mode oi" the lock and unlock Security Feedback Features.


illumination on Remote Activation

This feature provides interior illumination when a remote keyless entry door unlock command is received and executed by your vehicle. Your vehicle's ignition must be off for the Illumination on Remote Activation feature it: wurlr. The interior lumps will illuminate until your vehicle's. ignition is: turned to RUN or until an illumination period of4tl seconds has elapsed. If a door is opened during the illumination period. die timed illumination will be canceled. and the interior lampa will rem nin on since a door is open.

Instant Ala I‘m

This feature allows; you to activate an alarm by pressing a button on the remote key-less entry transmitter. Your vehicle's igniLiun must be off for the Instant Alan“ to work. When you profit; the special hum huttlin on the remote key-less: entry transmitter. your vehicle‘s headlamps will flash. the horn will haunt: repeatedly. and your interior lamps will illuminate. attracting attention if you need it. The alarm will continue until:

1. You pl‘EFS the alarm button on the RKE transmitter a second time.

2. The vehicle's ignition is in RUN. 3. .t‘in alarm period of about two minutes has elapsed.

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