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The ignitiun lacy in I'ur [111: i gnilion only.

The dtmr key in fur the doom and all other lfltkfi.

The ignition and door keys don't have plugs. Your dealer or Buick Premium Ruadside Assistance has. the code fur your keys.

If you need a new ignition or door key. cuniucl yuur dealer who can uhLain the cement: key code. or. in an eme rgency. cal] Buick Premium Rnadsidr: Assistance :11 Lam-2524112. In Canada. cal] JrfilJfl-Efiflvfisflfl.


Your vehicle has a numher ut‘ realm that can help prevent lhnfl. But you can have a lot or trauhle getting into your vehicle ifyuu Her lock your keys inside. You may even have Ln damage your vehicle In gel in. So he sure you have

extra keys.

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