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@ Section 2 Features and Controls

Here you can learn about the mart}.r standard and optional features on your vehicle. and information on Starting. shifting and braking. Also explained art: the instrument panel and the Warning syhtems that tell you if everything is working properly -- anti what to do if you have a problem.

1-2 Keys 2-32 Windows

2—4 Dom Loot-m 2—32 Horn

2-9 Remote Keyicxs Entry 3-3?- Tll .T-WHEEL "‘ Adjuxtahic Steering Column 1- l4 Tl‘IJIll-i 2-33 Tun! SignaUMuitifunction Lever

2—15 Theft E 2-4“ Exterior Lamps

2- l E! PASS-Key l] 2—43 Interior Lamps

2- l? New Vehicle “Bleak-In" 2-45 Mirrors

2- |'.I‘ Ignition Positions 2-4? Storage. Compartmenth

2— I‘ll Starting Your Engine 3-49 Sun Visors

2—20 Engine Coolant Healer {Iquuipp-ed} 2—49 Auxiliary Power Connection [Power Dropi 322 Automatic Transautle Operation 2-49 AHtt'oronf

2-25 Purl-ting Brake 2-5l} Cellular Phone Readiness. Package

242? Shifting Into PARK [Pi ilt' Equipped:

2—29 Shifling Out of PARK 1?] 2-5l} UnSlur System [Option]

2—30 Parking fleet-Things That Burn 2-5] Instrument Panel -- Your information System 2—30 Engine Exhaust 2-52 Instrument Panel Cluster

Z-BI Running Your Engine While You're Parked 2-53 Warning Lights. Gages and lndicaluri‘.

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